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We Provide real-life cybersecurity education, and offer Security Assessments, Workshops & Consultation services.

Starting a career in cybersecurity can be overwhelming.
Our mission is to provide you a clear pathway to your perfect job.

Discover exact blueprint & 5 step roadmap to become a highly paid Cybersecurity Professional. Our Cyber Path removes the guesswork.

Security Origin's Cybersecurity Pathway
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Our Cybersecurity Pathway can help anyone get a career in cybersecurity.

      All ages, interests, and backgrounds

      From retired military to second careers

      Considering a career switch but have no experience in IT.

        Already in cybersecurity but uncertain about the next step?


At Security Origin, discover all you need to kickstart and advance your cybersecurity career with our pathway that makes you

job-ready. Your ultimate destination for success in the world of

digital defense.

The perfect job that aligns with your unique personality.


Unlock your ideal cyber work role effortlessly with our quick and simple assessment. We tailor your journey by identifying the perfect match for your interests & personality. From there, explore your personalized pathway to kickstart your rewarding career in cybersecurity. Your dream role awaits – let's get you there.

Save time & money

Starting down the wrong career path wastes valuable time and money. Security Origin was built using years of real-world cybersecurity experience so you don't have to spin your wheels.

Using best technology

Our Cybersecurity Path features curated, personal cyber career pathways to track career progression and conduct targeted job hunts from entry-level to top-tier jobs.

Personalised for you

We perform appropriate assement to match your interests and personality traits to your perfect cybersecurity job within the various archetypal work roles, corresponding to all industry work titles.


With our tailored security Services we can help you Secure your business and balance your productivity with security without turning your world upside down!
Choose a proactive approach to cybersecurity with our suite of services – where protection meets precision.

Are You Ready to Secure Your Business?


Advanced Security Assessment

Uncover vulnerabilities, assess risks, and ensure robust security with our suite of services – from Vulnerability Assessment & penetration testing to secure code review.

Security Workshops

Tailored workshops crafted for corporations and institutions, led by industry experts, ensuring an up-to-date understanding of cybersecurity threats.

Security Consultation

Elevate your cybersecurity with our expert Security Consultation. Empowering you with strategic insights and guidance for a resilient cybersecurity approach.

Secure Development

We provide secure development services that embed security throughout your software development lifecycle.

Expert Security Professional

We have a team of experienced security professionals dedicated to safeguarding your digital assets. We help to prevent breaches and keep your company safe.

Over a decade Of Experience

Over many years with thousands of hours of combined practice, our team upholds core values developed through dedicated service.

Transparent Collaboration

Trust is built on transparency.
We foster open communication, keeping you informed and confident in our measures to secure your environment.

Tailored Services

we provide personalized cybersecurity services. Tailored to your unique needs, our strategies ensure maximum protection without unnecessary complexities.

What Sets Us Apart?

With half a decade of combined experience, thousands of hours of practice and core values cultivated during our time in service, we leverage our skill set to secure your environment.


From starting of a Project to completion, we take immense pride in delivering top-notch work to our clients, ensuring satisfaction with each engagement.

We recruit only the most talented hackers, ensuring they possess the expertise to identify vulnerabilities before malicious actors do.
We operate with a compact yet highly skilled team of IT and security professionals, we offer a range of Cyber Security services.
We offer a real-life cybersecurity education. We align your interests and personality traits with your ideal cyber work role, providing a tailored pathway to reach your goals covering all prerequisites and advancing to complex concepts, simply preparing you fully for the job and removing all the guesswork.


Projects Completed to date


Trained by Us


Certified Cybersecurity Professional


Client Testimonial: From Stay-at-Home Mom to Cybersecurity Analyst

"Making a career change after raising kids was daunting. Tech seemed interesting, but cybersecurity felt like a whole other world. Security Origin changed that. Their clear roadmap and personalized pathing took the guesswork out of everything.

I never thought someone with no IT background could land a cybersecurity analyst role, but Security Origin assessed my skills and matched me to the perfect path. The real-world examples in the training were so helpful, and the instructors made complex topics easy to understand.

Thanks to Security Origin, I wasn't just job-ready, I felt confident going into interviews. Now I'm finally using my brainpower in a rewarding career I love. Plus, the switch hasn't been nearly as expensive or time-consuming as I feared. Security Origin truly saved me time and money!"

- Sarah M. (CA), Cybersecurity Analyst

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