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CND v3
( Certified Network Defender )


40 hrs

Train for Next-Generation Network Security



What is Certified Network Defender (CND) Program?

EC-Council's Certified Network Defender (C|ND) is a crucial, vendor-neutral certification for IT and systems administrators, fostering a secure mindset. This program equips students with essential skills for defending networks across various environments, covering local networks, endpoints, cloud infrastructure, applications, OT, and mobile devices.

Through hands-on labs and over 100+ live target machines, participants master log analysis, network traffic monitoring, investigation, response, and business continuity. Known as blue-teaming, C|NDs excel in defense and countermeasure strategies, not just in attack prevention but also in detection, response, and remediation.

Designed by industry experts, the C|ND program prepares network defenders with strategic, technological, and operational capabilities to design, develop, and maintain secure networks. It serves as a pathway for starting a cybersecurity career in the blue team, offering a comprehensive approach that goes beyond networking skills, emphasizing robust network security skills.


 Key Features : 

It is the world's first network security program with a continuous and adaptive security strategy encompassing Protect, Detect, Respond, and Predict. This unique 4-pronged approach not only proves highly effective in responding to network attacks but is designed to proactively thwart them before they occur.


It covers defense-in-depth security strategy:
1. Policies, Procedures, and Awareness   2. Physical   3. Perimeter   4. Internal Network   5. Host   6. Application   7. Data

Covers the latest tools and advanced network security needs employed by leading cybersecurity professionals globally.

It covers all the five functions of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF):
1. Identify 2. Protect 3. Detect 4. Respond 5. Recover

Recognized by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), an integral component of GCHQ (United Kingdom's intelligence, security, and cyber agency).

Covers 100+ hands-on labs, surpassing the lab count of any internationally recognized network security certification.


The Credential that establishes the Global standard
for network security skills & fosters careers in network security and blue team.

Whats Inside our C|ND Course kit

Exam Voucher*
Next Version eCourseware
100+ hands on labs

Exam Preparation
Certified Network Defense Video Library

Live Certified Network Defense Training

Recorded Sessions

Projects & Quizes
Lifetime access to 100+ GB of Network Security toolkit

Lifetime access to Practical C|ND Manual
1 on 1 Doubt clearing Sessions

Exam Retakes
Certified Network Defender Training Cert.
Certified Network Defender Global Recogized Cert.

The C|EH v12 certification program comprises 20 modules, each featuring practical laboratory sessions. These hands-on sessions enable the application of concepts and techniques learned in real-time on actual machines. These modules serve as a comprehensive guide to understanding ethical hacking fundamentals, aiding in thorough preparation for the C|EH v12 certification exam.



The CNDv3 courseware is crafted to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of diverse networking aspects. It delves into various network and defense strategies, progressing to incident detection and response, and finally advancing to threat assessments and intelligence. Below is the list of modules with a brief description.

CND course outilne_edited_edited.jpg

"Through an immersive hands-on approach, the CND v3 program empowers participants to acquire practical, real-world expertise in network defense. It offers comprehensive coverage of essential concepts and techniques across various phases of network defense, addressing a wide range of contemporary technologies encountered in everyday scenarios. By providing extensive hands-on training, participants gain invaluable experience in safeguarding networks against evolving cyber threats."


Prevent network attacks proactively
by gaining the skills to predict and thwart them with C|ND, the world's most practical network security program.

The Certified Network Defender v3 (C|ND) certification is globally recognized and highly valued by employers for its merits in network security. The EC-Council's C|ND brochure serves as a comprehensive guide for informed decision-making.

C|ND v3's curriculum addresses the evolving cybersecurity landscape, covering IoT security, remote work network virtualization, advanced cloud security, IoT, operational technology (OT) modules, threat intelligence, and attack surface analysis.

Upon C|ND certification, individuals gain skills to implement a robust network defense system, safeguarding digital assets, and proactively responding to cyber threats using threat intelligence for prediction and prevention. This is only an overview of the valuable knowledge and skills participants acquire in this

C|ND's Network security program.

For complete information, download the brochure now.


Career Opportunities with C|ND?

C|ND is a network security certification crafted to assist organizations in establishing the most robust and comprehensive network security systems. The C|ND certification aligns with the following job roles, as per widely recognized frameworks acknowledged by organizations globally.

  • Network Administrators

  • Network Security Engineer

  • Network Security Analyst

  • Cybersecurity Engineer

  • Security Analyst

  • Any individual working towards the enterprise and network infrastructure security

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