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Become a First Cyber Responder



What is Certified SOC Analyst Certification Program?

The Certified SOC Analyst (C|SA) program serves as the initial step toward entering a security operations center (SOC). Tailored for current and aspiring Tier I and Tier II SOC analysts, it aims to equip them with the skills needed to perform entry-level and intermediate-level operations effectively.

The C|SA certification offers both training and credentialing, enabling candidates to gain up-to-date technical skills under the guidance of experienced trainers. This program emphasizes the acquisition of comprehensive knowledge and advanced capabilities to enhance career prospects and contribute proficiently to SOC teams.

Delivered over a rigorous 40hrs period, the program covers essential SOC operation fundamentals before delving into topics such as log management, correlation, SIEM deployment, advanced incident detection, and incident response. Additionally, participants learn how to manage various SOC processes and collaborate effectively with CSIRT teams when necessary.


 Certified SOC Analyst Key Features : 

Thorough examination of SOC operations and cybersecurity threats
Practical lab exercises and case studies
Application of real-world examples and scenarios
Preparation for certification exams
Guided training sessions with expert instructors
Flexible learning formats, including online and in-person sessions
Interactive and immersive learning environment
Award of industry-recognized certification upon course completion


Module 01: Security Operations and Management
Module 02: Understanding Cyber Threats, IOCs, and Attack Methodology
Module 03: Incidents, Events, and Logging
Module 04: Incident Detection with Security Info
rmation and Event Management (SIEM)
Module 05: Enhanced Incident Detection with Threat Intelligence
Module 06: Incident Response
Module 07: Case Studies

The Certified SOC Analyst (CSA) program is designed to train individuals to operate within a Security Operations Center (SOC). It covers key areas such as threat intelligence, incident response, network security monitoring, vulnerability assessment, and compliance. Through hands-on exercises, participants learn to detect, investigate, and respond to security incidents. The CSA certification validates expertise in SOC operations, preparing professionals for roles like SOC Analyst and Incident Responder.


The certification that sets the global benchmark
for network security expertise

Whats Inside our C|SA Course kit

Exam Voucher*
Next Version eCourseware

22+ Hands on labs
Exam Preparation
Certified SOC Analyst Video Library

Live Certified SOC Analyst Training

Recorded Sessions

Projects & Quizes

Lifetime access to Practical C|SA Manual
1 on 1 Doubt clearing Sessions

Exam Retakes
Certified SOC Analyst Training Cert.
Certified SOC Analyst Global Recogized Cert.

The C|EH v12 certification program comprises 20 modules, each featuring practical laboratory sessions. These hands-on sessions enable the application of concepts and techniques learned in real-time on actual machines. These modules serve as a comprehensive guide to understanding ethical hacking fundamentals, aiding in thorough preparation for the C|EH v12 certification exam.



Emphasis on END TO END SOC FLOW: The Certified SOC Analyst (CSA) program provides comprehensive insight into end-to-end SOC operations, covering all procedures, technologies, and processes necessary for incident collection, triage, reporting, response, and documentation.

Learn Incident detection with SIEM: Candidates will be trained in SIEM solutions, covering incident detection using signature and anomaly-based methods across Application, Insider, Network, and Host levels.

Enhanced Incident Detection with Threat Intelligence: C|SA includes a dedicated module for rapid incident detection using Threat Intelligence. It also teaches integrating Threat Intelligence feeds into SIEM systems to bolster threat detection capabilities.

In-Depth Underrstanding of SIEM Deployment: The program encompasses 45 detailed use cases commonly applied in all SIEM deployments.

Hands on Learning: CSA offers practical, hands-on training in incident monitoring, detection, triaging, analysis, containment, eradication, recovery, and reporting. The program includes 80 tools for these tasks.

Simulation With a Real-time Lab Environment: The C|SA program comprises 22 labs that exemplify processes aligned with the SOC Workflow.

Learn more with Additional Reference Material: The C|SA program includes supplementary reference material featuring a compilation of 291 common and specific use cases tailored for SIEM deployments such as ArcSight, Qradar, LogRhythm, and Splunk.


Master proactive network attack prevention
with the Certified SOC Analyst (CSA) program.

Making an informed decision is difficult, and that's where Our CSA brochure comes to your guide you. Offering the Certified SOC Analyst (CSA) credential, it stands as the pinnacle of SOC certifications, revered by employers globally, and rightfully so.

This esteemed certification entails a comprehensive curriculum that delves into both foundational and advanced principles of identifying and validating intrusion attempts. From mastering the utilization of SIEM solutions to harnessing predictive capabilities through threat intelligence, the CSA program equips you with an arsenal of skills crucial for today's cybersecurity landscape.

Upon successfully attaining the CSA certification, you embark on the initial step towards joining a Security Operations Center (SOC), where you'll attain proficiency in executing entry-level and intermediate-level operations. It's not just a certification; it's a pathway to excellence in the realm of cybersecurity.

This is only an overview of CSA and what you will learn

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