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CompTIA Network+
( N10-008 )


40 hrs

What is CompTIA Network+ Certification Program?

The CompTIA Network+ certification program serves as a fundamental stepping stone for individuals aiming to establish themselves in the field of networking. Tailored to accommodate both newcomers and seasoned professionals, it delivers comprehensive knowledge and skills crucial for effectively managing networks.

Ideal for entry-level networking professionals, Network+ certification covers a wide spectrum of topics including network architecture, protocols, devices, security, troubleshooting, and network operations. Through a blend of theoretical concepts and hands-on experience, candidates learn to configure, manage, and troubleshoot network infrastructures proficiently.

The certification process involves thorough training and examination, ensuring candidates possess the latest expertise and understanding of industry-standard practices in networking. With the Network+ credential, individuals enhance their credibility in the networking domain, unlocking numerous career opportunities and avenues for advancement within the field.


CompTIA Network+ N10-008 Cert Key Features : 

Comprehensive Course material
Expert cybersecurity trainers with years of experience

Interactive online training with hands on experience
Online delivery for flexibility and convenient learning opportunities

Access to Practice Exams & Quizzes

Free career guidance and support from Trainer & support team

Differentiate Yourself With Network+

Support network on any platform

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The CompTIA Network+ certification program furnishes fundamental networking skills vital for professionals venturing into the field. Encompassing crucial areas such as network architecture, protocols, devices, and troubleshooting, it empowers candidates with the expertise required to configure and manage networks efficiently. This certification signifies proficiency in networking principles, unlocking diverse career pathways within the industry.

Domain 1: Networking Concepts (23%)
Domain 2: Infrastructure (22%)
Domain 3: Network Operations (17%)
Domain 4: Network Security (20%)
Domain 5: Network Troubleshooting and Tools (18%)

Whats Inside our CompTIA Network+ Course kit

CompTIA Network+ Study & Exam Guide
Exam Voucher*

Hands on tools
CompTIA Network+ Video Library
Live CompTIA Security+ Training

Recorded Sessions

Practice Questions & Multiple Choice

Lifetime access to Practical  Manual
1 on 1 Doubt clearing Sessions

Exam Retakes
Certified CompTIA Network+ Training Cert.
Certified CompTIA Network+ Global Recognized Cert.

Completing the CompTIA Network+ certification marks a crucial milestone in your networking career. This globally recognized credential serves as a solid foundation for professionals aspiring to excel in the field of networking.

The Network+ certification curriculum covers a comprehensive range of topics essential for designing, configuring, and managing networks effectively. From understanding network architecture to troubleshooting network issues, this program equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the dynamic networking landscape.

Upon achieving Network+ certification, you become eligible for various job roles spanning network administration, network security, and network troubleshooting. It not only validates your expertise but also opens doors to numerous career opportunities in the constantly evolving field of networking.

This is only an overview of CompTIA Network+ and what you will learn

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